Gambling is as old as man; it is deeply rooted in our cultures and beliefs. Most times people try to prove a point and, in the process, place a bet on an item or money; in recent times, sports lovers also place bets on their favourite sports. Casinos also function on the same principles of most gambling sports; there are some secrets to excel in casino games, here are five top secrets that casinos hide from players


  1.   Blackjack Dealers Don’t Know Their Hands

In this game, players play against the dealer and the goal is to get as close to the value of 21 as possible without busting or going over it. The secret of this game is that dealers do not know their hand as well, so your guess is as good as theirs. They make use of “peekers,” in which they place their drawn cards in, to check if they have blackjack or not.


  1.   Casinos Spy on High Rollers

High rollers are people who play big and win big. They can easily place a bet of $1,500 in chips for a game of poker. Casinos try to manage the number of people in their platform; special attention is given to high rollers and they get a form of special treatment from the casino, such as: a free meal at the resort, a free room, or even a whole entire night of free cocktails for the player and his or her company.


  1.   The Smoking Ban Caused Millions in Loss

Gambling and smoking go hand in hand; if you picture a group of men round a table of poker, at least one of them would be smoking, just like in the movies. It is a vital part of casino culture; however, casinos pay heavily for it, as there is a ban on smoking in various casinos across nations. Players like to smoke and play, so taking that away is going to just push people away from the casino. Some casinos in different countries have however been able to lift the ban.


  1.   Casinos Get Boxes of Pre-Shuffled Cards

This is one very interesting secret about casinos; virtually all the boxes of cards are pre-shuffled and new decks are cycled into machines a few times each shift. You don’t get to see a dealer opening up a new pack of cards at a poker table. The casinos get special boxes that include six different pre-shuffled decks of cards to speed up the play at the tables.


  1.   Most of the Casinos in Las Vegas Are Probably Haunted

This is definitely a secret that casinos would prefer to keep out of the public eye; some people say that most of the casinos in Las Vegas are probably haunted, this is because there have been some cases of people playing to death or having a near death experience. There are also many cases of people chain smoking and sitting at slots for long period of times straight.