The gambling industry has experienced a huge increase over the past few years, due to the developments in technology and the ever-increasing data base of users. Casinos have since moved from a fixed location to people’s homes; thousands of online casinos are emerging for ease of access and convenience. With online casinos, players can be in their pajamas, chilling on their couch, and with the touch of their mobile or clicks from their computers still get all of the fun derived from going to a land-based casino, thanks to technology.  More games are developed on a daily basis to meet the increasing demand and fuel the fire for more interesting games among players; slot games have topped the list of game categories available in most online casino businesses. The major changes in online casino industry in 2020 are numerous, here are a few:


Redirecting Marketing

Traditionally, males have been the target audience for online casinos as they have since shown more interest in gambling than females. However, with the consistent and improving technology as well as the invention of smart devices and new trends, more women are participating in online casino games. This has redirected the target market, as it appeals to both genders; some casinos are even being developed specifically for females.


Changes in Consumer Gambling Habits

The casino industry is seen to grow rapidly as consumer behavior and taste are changing. Marketers are taking full advantage of the internet and harness its use for their services on several devices. The use of smartphones is on the high side and various gambling games are being invented to create a safe, comfortable and interactive environment for players.


Cryptocurrency Set to Dominate the Casino Industry

The use of cryptocurrencies is being embraced by most trading and online business platform and the gambling industry is not excluded. Many online casinos have started using cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, Ethereum etc. as means of exchange in their platforms. In most parts of the world, these digital currencies are being used as modes of payment; most players also find it convenient to make withdrawals and deposits in the form of digital currency. Aside convenience, the strong digital security is also a plus as players can carry put transactions anonymously; this factor is key because the gambling industry is very sensitive and many players would prefer to remain anonymous to avoid any issue of online hacking and identity theft.


Unique Welcome Bonuses

Online casinos are numerous and sometimes as a newbie it is difficult to decide which to play on. Most casinos now use enticing welcome bonuses to pull customers towards them. The bonuses come in various form; it could be a no deposit bets, free spins, and several others. Unique welcome bonuses are market strategies to win new players over and also keep existing players.


The online casino industry has seen and will still see tremendous growth in 2020, despite the ongoing pandemic. More online casinos are improving their services to stay in the game