Complying with laid down rules and casino etiquettes is a necessity in most casinos; from not being able to hand the croupier cash to wearing the right clothes when in a land-based casino and being polite in your discussions, there are lots of things to cautiously practice. Here are some of the useful online slot etiquette in Mega888 for beginners.


Do not Insult Others

This is normal moral behavior; in the online world, there are many people who throw insults at others without considering how they would feel. If the behaviour of another player does not suit you, it is best you avoid than confront; just leave the table. Do not start exchanging words with them or correcting them in a manner that would lead to a fight or bring their morale down. Everyone deserves respect; do not throw insults, whether they you are right or wrong.


Do not Offer Advice

If you see a player not doing so well, just leave them; they can ask the dealer or any of the casino staff for advice.  Offering advice is unfair to the other players at the table as they might feel embarrassed or take it in the wrong light.


Do not Collude with Others

As much as casino games are for fun and also gives room for interaction, it is against the casino etiquette to team up with another player; working together with another player at the table gives both players an unfair advantage of others. They are reducing the odds and manipulating the play in their favor.


Do not Talk About the Hand You Folded

Telling the players at the table what cards you have is inappropriate as this could lead to an unfair game. After the play you can by all means talk about it.


Do not Take Forever to Make Your Move

A slow player is always difficult to cope with; be conscious of the fact that other players at the table are waiting for you and their level of tolerance differ, so do not take forever to make your decision. New players may have an issue deciding quickly; however, it is important to try your best to keep up to speed. This is especially true when the players who folded are waiting for the game to finish so they can join the next hand.


Do not Use Bad Language

Talk nicely and respectfully to others; most people cannot tolerate bad languages or comments made about them especially when read it in a chat box and you cannot tell if it was for fun. So, talk nicely and do not upset any of your opponents.


Do Play Nice

When someone plays a good hand, be nice and tell them well done. Appreciate when necessary as this creates a more pleasant and conducive playing environment for everyone on the table. Online casino gaming is a social activity after all, so play nice, respect your opponents, as you all enjoy the game.