Mega888 is a well-known online casino in Malaysia; it is popular in the number of games available and in winnings for both slot and table games. This online casino provides players an amazing gaming experience with features that would keep you glued to your screen for a long time. Mega888 applies the principle of RTP in delivering its gaming service


What is RTP?

RTP is an acronym that represents Return To Play; it is an indicator for the average payout of a slot game in percentage. Normally, a theoretic RTP is usually at 95 percent and above for all slots


How does RTP work?

RTP is a strategy employed by most casinos (Mega888 inclusive) to reward their players and also bring them to play more. A good instance of how RTP works is this: if you place a bet of 1 pound per bet on a slot machine with RTP of 96%, you get an average of 96p for every 1 pound you wagered.

Slots are well known for their high volatility and gambling generally is a game of chance, therefore in most cases you might not get 96pence per spin for a bet of 1 pound. You may means get a lot of spins paying out zero or lots of winning spins paying out much more. In essence, sometimes you get the wagered amount back, sometimes you get nothing, and at other times you hit it really big.

Buying 1 scratch card would not give you a proper sample size to determine the RTP, but playing thousands of spins on a slot machine will give you a much better picture; one of those really big wins would put you far ahead in your game.


How to calculate RTP in Mega888

Calculating RTP depends on how much bet you want to make on a slot machine; if you play 100 auto spins with £1 wagered on each, any amount over 96£ on the account gives a higher and better outcome than the average, and amounts lower than 96£ on your account after these 100 spins will lead to you making loss.


How to find out the expected RTP of a slot game in Mega888

The RTP of a slot is well documented and detailed on the information tab on that particular slot; you get basic information of the slot as well as the RTP of the game. The “i” button on the casino game platform gives you the information you desire. On the other hand, a quick google search for that slot machine will also give you the info you want.


Slots banned from wagering requirements

Not all slot games allow bonus terms due to the high RTP % involved which would technically lead to an abuse. Casinos generally do not like to be abused, thence the removal of these games from play with bonus funds; Blood Suckers and Kings of Chicago are perfect examples of the slot games under this category.